​​​​​​​DEFINITIONS: This wacky QRlanguage might get distractingly fun or even confusing to some, but fear not; the following glossary is being updated regularly to perfect your credential in QRedentialeze! 

QREDENTIALS DICTIONARY(c)(definitions, FAQs, fun facts, info, trivia...) 

aMAZEing QRedentials (ˈmāz-kwer) noun -1: The name for the QRedify, first person credentialing, action game wherein the player blasts through major Ivy League schools, collects all credentials, gets the jewels to open opportunities!  FREE for the asking (Android and Windows OS only)

​QR Qrew Qube (Crew-Cube) noun -1: a magical cube that up to 4 QR-Codes assigned and cloud-based by the Account Administrator (also, see Office-Qube)

QRedential (kwer-ˈden(t)-shəl) noun -1: the quickly-referenced, graphic-display of a quality, skill, or experience that makes a person suited to do a job  2: the quickly-referenced, graphic-display of a document which shows that a person is qualified to do a particular job  3: the quickly-referenced, graphic-display of something that gives a title to credit or confidence  4: the quickly-referenced, graphic-display of one's qualification  5: the quickly-referenced, graphic-display of a testimonial or certified document showing that a person is entitled to credit or has a right to exercise official power 6: any document serviced by QRedify and produced using the QRL patented process.

QRedentialed (kwer-ˈden(t)-shəl'd) adjective -any person assigned to a dynamic QR-Code generated using the QRedify service.

QRedentialee (kwer-ˈden(t)-shəl-ē\) noun -1: The individual person who has completed the QRegistration process and obtained their own, personal QRedential.  2: The Account Administrator who assigns their profile to a Member Account.

QRedentialeze (kwer-ˈden(t)-shəl-ēz\) noun -1: This list of proper pronunciations and definitions.   verb -1: the act of properly speaking these pronunciations and translating the definitions into QRedify speak.

QRedentialier (kwer-ˈden(t)-shəl-ear) noun -1: any of the friendly, talented, wonderful human beings working to provide the world with QRedentials by QRedify  2: The Credentials Specialist who stands eager to assist in making Your QRedify experience awesome!  3: the liaison between your credential provider, your employer, and the person demanding credential verification. 

QRedify (kred-ə-fī) noun -1: the name of the leading credential data analysis and management service in the world.  2: the quickly-referenced credentials verification SaaS.  3: your complete solution to managing credibility (www.QRedify.com)  

QRedentialize (kwer-ˈden(t)-shəlīz) verb -1: the act of becoming QRedentialed.  2: the action of using QRedify.

​QRegister (kwer-'jə-stər)  noun -1: QRedify electronic record containing all of the details about you, your credentials and your employer.  2a:  The QRedify database or system of non-encrypted records  2b:  a roster of QRedentialed persons.   verb 1: the act of adding a new Organization. 

QRegistered (kwer-'jə-stər'd)  noun -1: One that has completed the QRegistration process at www.QRedify.com and established their Organization's credibility. 

QRegistration (kwer-jə-ˈstrā-shən)  -1: the act or process of entering information about you, your credentials and your employer into the QRegistration Form at www.dev.QRedify.com.  2: the act or process of entering information about you, your credentials and your employer into the QRegistration Form that might be emailed to you by your QRedentialier during the QRegistration process for your QRedify Account.  3: the email or confirmation the indicates that you have become a confirmed, QRedify User.  "Complete QRegistration is FREE at QRedify dot com!" 

QRL (kwer-'əl; sounded quickly, like 'squirrel' as in distracting the dogs in the movie "UP") noun - stands for QRedify Resource Locator, used in reference to the storage area of all of one's uploaded credentials and individual information which are called-on for display by the assigned, dynamic QR-code of the QRedify Member or Team.  The QRL is the location of the actual data being serviced by QRedentialiers and any patented or patent-pending, QRedify, credentials-management services.  Many QRedentialeze newbies may simply use the letters "Q-R-L" as in the U-R-L of a web address, but where's the fun in that?  

Smart-Binder (smart bind'r) noun, - The "Best Practices" answer to managing large groups of constantly-changing credentials for any size group of Users.  Out with the old standards of carrying and/or photo-copying a multitude of credentials; put each Employee or an entire crew, in one QR-Code and present a few per page for that professional look.  

​​​​​TERMINOLOGY: You will most liklely find and need to understand at least some of the following terminology during your tenure with QRedify.   

​CREDENTIAL TYPES: (When uploading your credentials, you enter a "Title" for each credential, then indicate the "Type" for each...  Do your best to fit each credential into one of these categories (don't worry about getting it wrong; you can change and modify at any time): 

       Safety (EH&S) Credentials  Credentials which are directly related to Environmental, Health and/or Safety knowledge/training.  These are commonly a certificate, card or other documentation, indicating completion of safety training, OSHA compliance study, environmental impact knowledge, industry/union/contractor demands, and the like.  These show at the top of your QRedentials display!  (ie. OSHA compliance, 1stAid/CPR, Fall Protection, Haz-Mat,...)

       Skills (Trade) Credentials  Often confused as Safety Type, but are more specifically, the credentials that are demanded or required to satisfy someone of your achievements within a given industry or trade.  (Ie. trade members, union cards, contractor licenses, trade school training or study,...)  Because many industries are requiring many of this type of credentials, your QRedentialiers will also give these credentials preferential consideration.  (ie.  Contractor's License, welding, programming I, rigging, Heavy Equipment Operator, Forklift...)

       Merit Credentials  Those meritorious service awards, certificates of completion, degrees, accomplishments of some merit worthy of being displayed, but probably not necessarily required to be viably accredited.  (ie. Your COVID-19 Vaccination Record, a Certificate of Completion in "Self-Help 101", your college degree...) 

       Membership Credentials  Any Membership cards (NO CREDIT CARDS!), Clubs, fitness centers, airlines rewards, shopping, travel points...  (ie. COSTCO, REI, Handyman of America, Thousand Trail...)

       Other Credentials  This is where you have fun and enjoy personalizing your QRedentials!  This type of credential may not even be credentials, but who cares!  QRedify is not going to judge whatever you upload into this category, so go for it (Asset Management, brag-sheets, letters of recognition, newspaper clippings, pictures of the grandkids, Yearbook postings,...)                                                                                                    

Turning from Time Consuming to Time Saving, from Messy to Clean and Neat, from Unclear to Digitized and Verified, and from Unprofessional to Professionally Compliant, QRedify is now the most acceptable and accessible, interactive, web-based, mobile-driven service ever to bless us with immediate recognition of your credibility.  QRedify blends all of the different types of credentials, documentation and brag-sheets, then uses 3rd-Party, human interaction, Subject Matter Experts, Your QRedentialiers, and leading-edge technology to provide you and your audience with quick reference documentation of your life’s achievements!  ​